Electronic Commerce Solution (eCommerce)

Global+Local = Glocal!

There are many companies that sell products (both goods and services) online, but it is very rare that even two of them have exactly the same needs. So an ideal and flexible eCommerce solution, beyond making it possible to customize the page design according to your expectations, should also offer the options of configure your online “shop window”, search features as well as all the processes in detail. That's why we offer the best eCommerce platform for your eCommerce businesses.

Core Modules

Smart Dashboard

User-friendly, Smart, Fast, and Attractive Dashboard

Easy Content

Create product, pages, and other contents easily. No code required.

Secured Platform

Highly Secured Platform with Super Optimized Performance


Multiple eCommerce Stores with Unique Design

Professional Theme

Custom and Premium Themes with Unique Features

Payment Gateway

Multiple Payment Methods for Local and International Users